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Q&A with Lee Hickerson, Senior Quality Engineer

Romeo RIM - Lee_Hickerson

Quality is a hallmark of Romeo RIM throughout our 35 years of serving the transportation, heavy truck, agriculture and construction, spa, and rail car industries. Much of our success is due to our experienced workforce combining years of technical and industry knowledge with an entrepreneurial spirit, exemplified by Senior Quality Engineer Lee Hickerson.


Q: What brought you to Romeo RIM from your years in the auto industry?
A: The ability to have a work/life balance and location was incredibly attractive.


Q: What is your average day like?
A: I’ve got a lot of things going on each day, revolving around problem solving, talking with customers and suppliers, meeting with operations management, recording and reviewing data, participating in new launch activities and updating quality metrics for ongoing tracking.


Q: The LFI market is looking at significant growth in the coming years, what does that mean for Romeo RIM quality engineering?
A: It means more: more trained problem solvers, more resources at the front end of product launches, and more support from those who believe in serving.


Q: What are some of the challenges in providing quality long fiber injection molded products?
A: There is variation in the controlling process, whether you’re talking mechanical or human, which is important. Designing for manufacturing, and higher heat applications also pose their own challenges. We’re confident we have the technology, people and attitude to solve any problems our customers have in terms of need.


Q: How does Romeo RIM ensure for quality in its products?
A: Quality is thought of, and used, at every stage of product life. From design to the end user, and for us it really starts with standards. We pay very close attention to many aspects of quality control including work instructions, gauges, process measurements, failure mode and effects analytics, control plans and of course training. I think our approach to quality can be summed up by our Quality Vision Statement that we put together for our team:


#1 We will work to serve All
#2 We respect everyone we interact with
#3 We are training our team, making them more valuable than they already are
#4 We launch new product with integrity and vigor
#5 We are problem solvers
#6 We innovate, create value and eliminate waste
#7 We are the data collection and connection
#8 We commission ourselves to drive towards zero defects
#9 We are committed to meeting the requirements of ISO 9001
#10 We do not stop, in effort, to reach the end goal
We are Romeo RIM Quality!
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