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  • What markets do you serve?
    Romeo RIM has typically produced large parts for industries like Agriculture, Construction, Transportation, Heavy Truck, UTV’s and Spas. But we are not limited to those markets. If you need parts that are bigger, stronger or lighter, we can likely produce it. Give us a call. 586-336-5800
  • What is Long Fiber Injection?
    Long fiber injection is a process in which polyurethane resin and chopped fiberglass are poured into an open mold. Low compression pressure is then used to create complex parts with B-side features and Class A surface finishes in a variety of sizes. Long Fiber Injection parts are used in applications where weight and stiffness are important like: ...
  • What is Dicyclopentadiene?
    Dicyclopentadiene, aka DCPD or C10H12, is an artificial chemical compound used in a closed mold process.  DCPD resin is characterized by its low viscosity and its resistance to heat, impact, and corrosive chemicals.  Parts made of DCPD allows them to be large, strong, and lightweight and are thus used in applications like: protective coverings, shields, hoods as ...
  • What are Polyurethane Elastomers?
    Polyurethane Elastomers are processed via closed mold where polyurethane is injected into the mold along with a blowing agent to achieve various properties.  Polyurethane elastomers are extremely resilient and impact resistant and can be used in many applications like: bumpers, fenders, side cladding and more…
  • Do you make Wheel Rims?
    No. We, in fact, do not make wheel rims. 🙂 We get that a lot.