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Lean on Me

Lean on Me

A lot has happened at Romeo RIM since its founding in 1982. The  transportation market has always been a key focus, with strong demand for injection molded and blow molded components, and the transit market wanted reaction injection molded (RIM) energy absorbing (EA) bumper modules.

The relationships built with customers through the years contribute to be part of Romeo RIM’s vision to have our customers recognize us as a world-class partner, innovating composites solutions for their products and markets. As the diverse marketplaces we serve evolve, we realize we need to keep pace in order to achieve our mission of partnering with stakeholders to create and deploy innovative solutions.

We work hard to actively engage in the transportation, heavy truck, agriculture, construction, spa, and rail car markets to better understand what changes those markets were experiencing, and what our valued customers in each of those markets needed from us. This has led Romeo RIM to begin a process of incorporating principles of lean manufacturing into every aspect of our operation, from people to technology to processes.

We have focus on building a workforce that is highly skilled and experienced; customer value chain focused; energetic and creative minded; and engage them in continuous learning. We revamped our processes to reflect best practices in lean product development and quality function deployment methodology. Romeo RIM regularly invests in new technology related to engineered resins; low-cost prototyping; FEA analysis and CAD modeling; and RIM and long fiber injection (LFI).

These careful, thoughtful investments now have Romeo RIM well-positioned with seven highly automated molding machines for parts up to 10 ‘x 4.5’ x 1’, robot-controlled painting and molding equipment, and a 400-ton, 12′ x 12′ double shuttle press, which is among the largest in the world.

On the people side, Romeo RIM has implements servant leadership principals throughout our entire organization, redesigned our employee training program, and engage in activities such as gap analysis for all employees to determine where training is needed. We’ve also made key hires in the areas of application engineer, tooling engineer, program manager and technical sales staff, among others.

Romeo RIM’s evolution into a lean manufacturing company has enabled us to realize operational stability, workplace safety, and steadily increasing sales. We are now consistently providing high quality, complex engineering design and custom material formulation along with superior product delivery and customer support.

Our lean manufacturing focus continues to lead us to new innovations, especially in the areas of materials and processes. This innovation, in turn, is leading to new strategic partners, customers, and even recognition from influential industry organizations such as the Center for the Polyurethanes Industry of the American Chemistry Council and the American Composites Manufacturers Association.

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