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Manufacturing is Worth the Investment

At Romeo RIM, we’re investing heavily in smart, experienced, and innovative workers. We want to ensure the highest-quality engineering design and custom material formulation at the front end, along with excellent delivery and quality customer service at the back end. On a parallel course, we continue to keep up with leading-edge technology to better service our customers in the transportation, heavy truck, agriculture and construction and spa, markets with complex engineering applications.

Why are we making these investments? Is it our response to growing and evolving demands from our longtime and new customers? Sure, that’s part of it — we are 100% committed to building strategic connections with our customers, aligning our strategy with theirs to form strong, lasting relationships.  Primarily, our goal is to build a stronger workforce and advanced machinery that will make sturdier, longer-lasting and cost-effective parts..

Beyond our commitment to our customers, Romeo RIM is very engaged in the manufacturing sector, advocating for small and medium sized manufacturers and sharing best practices in technology innovation, production and human resources. Through our industry involvement, we are seeing incredibly encouraging signs pointing to a long-term recovery of U.S. manufacturing.

Dual reports issued just these past two weeks by one of the world’s largest and most respected independent market research firms show both the global automotive thermoset resin composites market and the global automotive glass fiber composites market poised for strong growth over the next four years.

Details in these reports show the North American market remaining the largest thanks to growing demand for long fiber injection molded lightweight and durable composite materials in autos, heavy trucks and buses. This is due to private companies and government offices pushing for OEMs to incorporate lightweight materials to curb vehicle weight, increasing fuel efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

A quick peek through some of our pages here on the Romeo RIM website will show you that producing the sturdy, lightweight parts the industry will need like fenders or body panels is right up our alley.

At Romeo RIM, we’ll be keeping our eyes open and our ears peeled for the latest technological, workforce, and legislative developments in the markets we serve. We’ve never been more optimistic about the future of manufacturing here in America, and join our fellow manufacturers in feeling a sense of optimism and excitement at the renewal of the manufacturing sector all around the country.

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