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Large Format Parts

Romeo RIM boasts an impressive 19 large format molding presses which make them capable of manufacturing some of the largest closed-mold parts in the world. We have produced air deflectors and body panels for heavy trucks, roofs and fenders for agricultural and construction machinery, and so much more. We are capable of producing large parts for any industry you might need with any specifications or details which you may require.

In particular, we utilize RomeoRIM’s signature long fiber injection (LFI), a swift, efficient molding process which we introduced to the United States in 1999, to produce parts boasting dimensions up to an astonishing 11’ x 11’ x 3’. This is made possible with the assistance of our 12’ x 12’ LFI double shuttle press, the largest of its kind in the world.

Our large LFI parts are just as strong, resilient and durable as their smaller counterparts. They will remain functional for years and years while still retaining their strength and function. LFI parts are also highly resistant to impacts, natural wear and tear, and environmental damage caused by rough weather conditions.

RomeoRIM’s large LFI parts are also superior in aesthetics as well as size. The LFI process can be painted in-mold to achieve high or low gloss Class A finishes and B-side details in a variety of eye-catching colors without the need for any lengthy, messy, potentially hazardous post-mold painting processes.

Long fiber injection isn’t the only process which RomeoRIM regularly utilizes to produce large parts of unparalleled quality. Dicyclopentadiene resin, usually referred to as DCPD, can create parts which marry strength and flexibility to a smooth, glossy finish. Solid thermoset elastomers are highly resistant to wear and possess excellent dampening and insulating properties. Structural foam parts are stiff, lightweight and extremely moldable, capable of producing variant wall thicknesses across a single part.

All three of these materials can be used with our large format molding presses to create parts with dimensions of up to 10’ x 13’ x 3’. Similar to our LFI parts, they are highly customizable and can be made exactly to your specifications.

Large parts are extremely cost- and time-efficient. They have been found to save significant money when compared to manufacturing several smaller parts to fulfill the same purpose. In addition, the cycle times of both LFI and injection molding using either DCPD, thermoset elastomers, or structural foam are extremely short, creating high-quality fully formed large parts in just a few minutes.


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