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What Types of Businesses Can Benefit Most From Long Fiber Injection?

Each and every business is looking for anything and everything they can do to cut costs and time while maintaining or even improving quality and efficiency. But that is much easier said than done. Or is it? Long fiber technology is a structural reaction injection molding process (or SRIM) that takes one step which makes the process more automatic.

Question is, which businesses can benefit the most from such a technology? 

Thanks to the endless amount of possibilities, long fiber technology is used by many different equipment based businesses but mainly in the automotive industry. That includes heavy trucking, construction and farming equipment companies that are looking to improve efficiency and maintenance while cutting costs and improving safety for their drivers. LFI’s two main benefits are a main reason why:

  • Durability
    • Using carbon fiber reinforcements helps strengthen, stiffen and toughen the modulus. This will provide a vehicle with stronger, more sound panels and bumpers (on top of several other parts) that can resist the wear and tear of a work vehicle’s normal day routine. In return, this will help cut costs from repairs and will help protect both the vehicle and passengers.
  • Versatility
    • On top of being extremely durable, a business will have nearly full design freedom with LRT. Thanks to long fiber composites being dimensionally stable, operators will be able to create and design custom, light weight, moldable reinforced thermoplastic parts. The lightness will also lower the weight of any vehicle which will save money in the long run on fuel costs.

Long fiber technology is the durable and versatile molding solution that is changing the game for automotive businesses all around the world. For more information on LFI or other composite solutions, contact our experts at Romeo Rim today.

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