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What are the Benefits of Long Fiber Composites?

Long fiber composites have a number of properties with unique capabilities that translate into desirable product benefits. Due to the long fiber material flexibility offered for users, long fiber technology is very popular in the auto, agriculture, heavy truck, consumer goods, and mass transit industries. Users have the option to use a ready-made compound or process the material to conform with their own formulation. Given their versatile nature, it’s not difficult to see why the long fiber composites are widely used in a variety of applications.

 Stiffness, Strength, and Durability

Three of the most crucial characteristics of long fiber composites are stiffness, strength, and durability (or toughness). With reinforcing fibers at a longer length (or higher aspect ratio), the long fiber composites have more strength, which allows them to withstand deformation and resist creep under heavy load. Due to the higher aspect ratio of the reinforcement in long fiber composites, this is able to facilitate even more efficient energy to transfer between the polymer and fiber upon impact, making it more durable. The long fiber composites’ superior durability makes them perfect for applications that endure repeated impacts due to its ability to retain their shape without deterioration over time.

Weight Reduction

Weight reduction is a very useful characteristic of long fiber composites. For consumer goods, it promotes portability and high functionality. It also allows them to be a popular metal substitute, as they can provide an equal mechanical performance level.

Dimensional Stability

Plastics are generally susceptible to shrink/expansion, however, long fiber composites are the most dimensionally stable. Since they have an internal network of reinforcing fibers, the long fiber reinforced composites show reduced thermal expansion. Due to their length, they are prone to tumbling, bending, and intertwining to form an internal structural skeleton within molded components, resulting in improved dimensional stability. As a result, the long fiber composites exhibit reduced thermal expansion due to their internal network of reinforcing fibers. 


Utilizing In-Mold Decorative Coating Technology, long fiber composites have the ability to be top coated in mold, saving time and money.  With In-Mold Coating Technology, Class A Paint quality to wood grained finishes are all possible.

These are just some of the benefits of long fiber composites; other benefits are corrosion resistance, lower thermal conductivity, and radio transparency. The extensive fiber network created by the long fiber composites, along with these advantages, serve to improve performance in any product.

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