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What Are the Advantages of Reaction Injection Molding?

There are a number of advantages to choosing to use reaction injection molding, regardless what type of manufacturing, agricultural, or transportation needs are. In terms of molding solutions, the thermosets used in RIM birth polymer chains that serve as strengthening backbones within the product that is being molded, which provides excellent properties when exposed to extreme temperatures. RIM also features low injection pressures and low processing temperatures, which makes it a much more cost effective solution for large scale molding projects.

Here are just a few of the many other cost effective benefits that reaction injection molding has to offer:

  • Differing wall thickness
  • Mold-in inserts
  • Better economies for parts with lower volume when compared to traditional injection molding
  • Allows for parts consolidation when compared to sheet metal
  • Tooling that is generally less expensive than traditional injection molding
  • Labor requirements are much lower, especially when compared to what is required by resin transfer molding
  • Lower energy usage than injection molding
  • Less floor space requirements than injection molding

When looked at from an economics standpoint, these many advantages make reaction injection molding the logical option, particularly if your runs include manufacturing and moving thousands of parts. Regardless of the size of your business or operation, Romero RIM has something to offer for everyone because it is not limited to molding “off the shelf” resin formulations.

At Romeo RIM, our motto is to make every piece of equipment bigger, stronger, and lighter. From long fiber technology to RIM, we offer complete composite solutions for transportation, heavy trucks, agriculture and construction, and spas. We are proud to have been an industry leader in polyurethane composite solutions since 1982, and we strive to maintain this position. If your business is in need of smart solutions, contact us today to request a quote!

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