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The Advantages of Using Plastic Injection Molding

Extremely popular for the mass production of plastic parts, plastic injection molding has many advantages. From a smooth finished appearance to low labor costs, here’s a quick overview of the top five benefits of this form of injection molding.

Benefit #1: Enhanced Accuracy
Well known for its enhanced preciseness, plastic injection molding can be used for just about any type of plastic part fabrication. And while there are certain design restrictions, still yet, the finished products that can be produced are still very precise. So precise the accuracy tends to be within 0.005 inches.

Benefit #2: Low Labor Costs
Because this form of molding is completed using a self-gating, automatic tool, the associated operational costs are generally extremely low and require minimal supervision. Even better is that the production is ongoing and can easily be streamlined with other operations.

Benefit #3: Very Fast
When it comes to long manufacturing runs, plastic injection molding is one of the most common methods. And while the exact length of time between cycle times depends on the complexity of the molds being used, the usually amount of time is 15 to 30 seconds. With such a short period of time between cycles, this means a greater quantity of molds can be produced in a limited amount of time, thus increasing possible revenue and profit margins.

Benefit #4: Smooth Finished Appearance
When parts are made using plastic injection molding, they usually require little end finishing, if any at all. Why is this? Because the parts that come out of the molds are usually in their finished appearance state already.

Benefit #5: Cheaper to Produce Plastic Parts
When large production runs are carried out using plastic machining, the overall costs can end up being more than 25 times what it costs to produce the same number of parts using plastic injection molding.

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