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The Advantages of Long Fiber Technology

Whether you’re in the trucking industry hauling huge loads across long distances, or a farmer running a tractor through miles of crop fields, you know that in your line of work you need to run an extremely lean operation to stay profitable. Running a business is often like trying to put together a massive puzzle where every piece needs to be the most efficient and cost effective you can possibly muster. Even something like the bumpers and paneling on your vehicles needs to be carefully selected to ensure the highest possible efficiency. In this regard, there is no equal to the durability and lightness of long fiber technology.


Long fiber technology is extremely durable. This is important, because you’ll be putting your vehicles through a beating, and the last thing you need is for a bumper to crack apart after only a few hours of usage. In addition, panels made from reaction injection molding will be able to withstand impacts, so you won’t have to shut the job down for repairs if one of your drivers accidentally taps an obstacle. Durability will save you money by cutting repair costs and allowing you to protect your vehicles and your drivers in the event of a collision.

Feather Light

Fuel costs are some of your biggest business expenses, and anything that cuts down on fuel usage can save you tons of money over time. The extremely light long fiber technology will cut the weight of your vehicles significantly, dropping your fuel costs and allowing you to turn those saved costs into profit.

Every penny counts in a highly competitive industry, and at Romeo RIM we make the components that will save you money. Our experts use cutting edge techniques to craft solutions for your business, and our lightweight, durable components will be a critical addition to your fleet of vehicles. Contact us today, and let us find the best solutions for your business!

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