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Durable, Attractive, and Cost Effective Solutions for the Spa Industry

Custom Injection Molding & LFI Solutions: Spa & Home | Romeo RIM - iStock_000016964369_SmallRomeo RIM developed and designed a Universal/Picture Frame Cabinet that is used with an existing frame, and a Structural Cabinet that replaces existing spa frame. These rigid and stiff composite exterior cabinet panels provide easier spa installation. Utilizing our Long Fiber Injection(LFI).

Rather than assembling the spa cabinets from a number of smaller panels in a labor-intensive process, LFI makes it possible to produce 7′ & 8′ side panels and corners in which require just a few steps for full assembly. The spa industry uses polystyrene, polypropylene, wood(real/particle) raw materials, which have limited surface finish options and provided a weaker cabinet. The LFI process drastically improves all steps of production.


  • RIM Processing – LFI
  • Universal & Picture Frame Cabinet Models
  • Structural Cabinet Models
  • Endless Design Possibilities
  • Unlimited In-Mold Paint Color Options
  • Deep and Realistic Wood Grain Appearance
  • Customized Styling and Differentiation in the Market
  • High Impact Resistant, Durable Cabinet
  • Low CLTE with Consistent Part Size and Quality with No Warping or Sagging
  • Eliminate the Need for Sub-assembly
  • UV & Environmental Resistance Will Not Rot or Mold
  • Maintenance Free which results in Warranty Savings
  • Longer Lasting Premium Appearance
  • Decreased Shipping Damage
  • Decreased Labor Costs
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