Long Fiber Injection is capable of producing strong, stiff parts up to 40% lighter than sheet molding compound, 60% lighter than aluminum and a whopping 80% lighter than steel. It combines light, flexible resin, typically thermoset polyurethane, with stiff, similarly lightweight glass fibers which reinforce the finished part by creating an internal “skeleton”. Parts manufactured using LFI retain these weight advantages even when made on a large scale. RomeoRIM’s largest possible LFI part, which measures 11’ x 11’ x 3’, will still be over 50% lighter and significantly more durable than a sheet molding compound or metal part with similar dimensions.

The decrease in weight does not necessitate the sacrifice of any beneficial properties including durability, impact resistance and ability to function at high and low temperatures or during extreme weather. Vehicles and machinery made using LFI-processed parts will show significant improvement in both efficiency and performance when compared with those which rely on traditional heavier materials.

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