Impact Resistance

This video demonstrates a 1 kg ball dropped from a height of 2.44 m producing 23.9 joules of energy (3.5 times greater than the UL standard 1563).

Our signature long fiber injection (LFI) molding process creates parts with an internal structural “skeleton” of reinforcing glass fibers. This creates an extremely tough and durable part which also possesses a high modulus (stiffness). They can reliably last for years and years of heavy, consistent use without needing replacement or major repair. LFI can even be used to produce large parts without sacrificing a single bit of strength or durability.

Parts produced using LFI can withstand high or frequent impacts without warping, denting or breaking. In addition, they will experience minimal to no wear and tear over long periods of constant or extended use. Environmental factors such as strong winds, rapid temperature, pressure and humidity variations, and sustained rain will also be unable to damage our extra-strong, reliable parts. Even our high-quality glossy paints – applied directly in the mold! – will survive over time and through difficult conditions without cracking, chipping or losing any of their eye-catching brilliance.

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