Long Fiber Injection

Long Fiber Injection has 8 distinct benefits.

  • Large Format – LFI parts can be produced as large as 11′ x 11′ x 3′ to accommodate projects requiring large parts.
  • Part Consolidation – LFI process can help consolidate multiple parts into a single part and reduce assembly.
  • Lightweighting – LFI is lighter than metals and most thermoset composite materials and can be used to help reduce weight.
  • High Stiffness – LFI has a very high stiffness for applications that need high rigidity.
  • Dimensional Stability – LFI will retain it’s shape under extreme conditions to increase its lifetime value.
  • Impact Resistance – LFI is extremely durable and can stand up to significant impacts without cracking or breaking.
  • Design Freedom – LFI process allows for custom shapes and textures allowing designers near endless possibilities to be creative.
  • In-mold Paint – LFI process allows surface finish paint to be applied in-mold, eliminating the post production paint process and reducing costs.

Long Fiber Injection has proven to have exceptional value in the Agricultural, Construction, Transit and Spa markets.

Do the benefits of Long Fiber Injection have applications for your market?  Let us know.

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