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High Impact and Structural Parts

One of the most important qualities of automotive, large truck and heavy machinery parts is strength. Throughout their lifetimes, these parts will experience intense wear and usage, be exposed to extreme weather conditions, and likely suffer frequent or repeated impacts. Weak, fragile, easily breakable parts present health and safety hazards to human operators and are in addition extremely expensive, as they must be constantly repaired or replaced.

Luckily, RomeoRIM specializes in the production of strong, durable parts which are highly resistant to impact, wear and environmental damage. Our signature long fiber injection (LFI) molding process creates parts with an internal structural “skeleton” of reinforcing glass fibers. This creates an extremely tough and durable part which also possesses a high modulus (stiffness). They can reliably last for years and years of heavy, consistent use without needing replacement or major repair. LFI can even be used to produce large parts without sacrificing a single bit of strength or durability.

Parts produced using LFI can withstand high or frequent impacts without warping, denting or breaking. In addition, they will experience minimal to no wear and tear over long periods of constant or extended use. Environmental factors such as strong winds, rapid temperature, pressure and humidity variations, and sustained rain will also be unable to damage our extra-strong, reliable parts. Even our high-quality glossy paints – applied directly in the mold! – will survive over time and through difficult conditions without cracking, chipping or losing any of their eye-catching brilliance.

The materials which RomeoRIM uses in our molding processes, such as thermoset polyurethane, are also highly flame retardant as well as resistant to the majority of potentially harmful or dangerous chemicals. Our parts have been tested and proven capable of functioning at both extremely hot and extremely cold temperatures. This makes RomeoRIM’s molded parts the perfect choice for vehicles or machinery which will be required to operate in areas known for such extreme temperatures or frequent variations in weather patterns.

In addition to our signature long fiber injection, RomeoRIM is also capable of producing strong, durable parts utilizing a number of molding processes. Reaction injection molding (RIM) utilizes thermoset polyurethane to pair our trademark strength with an extremely low weight, helping to create highly fuel-efficient vehicles or machines. Its two sub-processes, reinforced reaction injection molding (RRIM) and structural reaction injection molding (SRIM), add additional supporting glass fibers to increase the strength and impact resistance of the resulting part even further. Dicyclopentadiene resin (DCPD), used in the manufacture and molding of large-scale parts, has been described as “virtually unbreakable” and possesses a particularly high chemical resistance.

At RomeoRIM, we give you the strongest, best quality parts via our signature time- and cost-efficient molding processes. We can create custom parts for any industry which conform to customer specifications down to the last detail. Contact us today to learn more about how the unparalleled strength of our parts could be perfect for your next project!

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