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Community Transit Innovation

The commuter transit marketplace is an overlooked yet hugely important part of our nation’s transportation infrastructure. Think about how many times you’ve taken an airport shuttle to pick up a rental car, or hopped on a bus in college to get to class, or even ridden in a limo — these are all examples of commuter transit.

Romeo RIM is very active in this market due to our proven experience in developing and manufacturing world-class bumpers. Sure, bumpers are essential elements in all road-based transportation systems, but in busy, crowded environments like airports with constant motion and tight body and chassis there are going to be lots of low-speed impacts and dings. In order to effectively protect the chassis of the commuter transit vehicle you need a high-quality, durable bumper that will survive hit after hit without breaking or looking damaged to the point where commuters are scared to get on board.

This week we will be participating in Mobility Rising: Detroit 2017 Community Transit Expo at the Cobo Center, organized by the Community Transit Association of America (CTAA).  Romeo RIM will be sharing best practices in bumper design and demoing some of our existing and brand-new products. We’ll also have videos of crash testing we’ve done, comparing our products to others in the industry. Please visit us at booth 729 to learn more about our innovative products and services.

We’re excited not only to share information about our ability to produce cutting-edge custom reaction injection molded bumpers, fenders, body panels, and other vehicle parts, but also to contribute our thoughts on the commuter transit industry with our peers and customers at the Community Transit Expo. At Romeo RIM we are proud to remain active in numerous transportation-related industry associations, sharing best practices and advocating for continuing investment in our nation’s transportation infrastructure.

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