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Award-Winning Romeo RIM Joins IACMI, Gets Ready to Present at Thermoset TOPCON

Industry Leader Continues to Share Best Practices on Manufacturing Bigger, Stronger, Lighter Composite Solutions

ROMEO, Mich. — Award-winning Romeo RIM (, the world’s innovative leader in custom reaction injection molding and composite solutions, is continuing to share best practices on manufacturing bigger, stronger, and lighter composite materials.

The company has joined the Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation (IACMI) and has accepted an invitation to present at the upcoming Thermoset TOPCON February 20-21 in Indianapolis.

“We’re incredibly proud to be a member of IACMI and support its drive to advance manufacturing technologies and build tomorrow’s composite industry workforce,” President and CEO Tim Howell said.

“The opportunity to contribute to the conversation about thermosets is equally an honor”, Howell explained, “as Romeo RIM is eager to share its years of experience developing tools and methodologies to produce high-quality thermoset products in industries from transportation and construction to personal spas.”

The company has recently published an informative article on the subject, “Thermosets vs. Thermoplastics” which can be found here and accessed via the News tab on the company website,

Romeo RIM’s Consumer Products Business Unit Manager, Adam Ritchie, will be leading the presentation at Thermoset TOPCON. Ritchie, who focuses on the nation’s growing spa industry, will be discussing how Romeo RIM’s long fiber injection (LFI) processing capabilities are building spa cabinets that are cost competitive, extremely durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Adam Ritchie will be speaking about the relationships Romeo RIM builds to secure partnerships as well as the ins and outs of the LFI process and how it adds value to organizations.

Romeo RIM continues to invest in cutting-edge technology and a strong, talented workforce to solve complex engineering challenges across a wide range of industries. Design collaboration, guest engineering, prototype parts and tooling, and production manufacturing are some of the services provided to leaders in the transportation, spa, agriculture and construction, and heavy truck markets throughout North America.

To learn more about Romeo RIM’s design, engineering, and support experience in reaction injection molding, LFI, and in-mold painting email, call (586) 336-5877 or visit

About Romeo RIM

Award-winning Romeo RIM is the world’s innovative leader in custom reaction injection molding and composite solutions. The company serves markets including transportation, heavy truck, agriculture and construction, spa, and rail car with complex engineering applications and a commitment to quality customer service. Our experienced, growing workforce combines years of technical and industry knowledge with a spirit of creativity to develop the next generation of long fiber injection (LFI) molded products and technologies. Romeo RIM’s lean manufacturing and operational excellence enables us to build a strategic connection with engineering and purchasing professionals up and down the supply chain, aligning our strategy with their strategy to form strong, lasting relationships. For more information, visit

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